Age Verification

The products available on SinoB2B are age-restricted and intended for adults of legal smoking age only. All orders placed on the website will be verified by an industry leading Age Verification software for validation.

By entering our website, you affirm that you are of legal smoking age in your jurisdication and you agree to be Age Verified.

User Guide

Create an account
It is easy to create a buyer account on

1. Start creating an buyer account
2. Add company information and invitation code (if any)
3. Activate account through email
4. You are free to login

Please note that wholesale prices are available to login users only.
Become a verified buyer
SinoB2B is a cross-boarder platform. In order to purchase here, you have to had your company registered outside of mainland China.

1. Go to Buyer Home
2. Click edit
3. Complete your company information
4. Upload your business license
5. Wait for approval

You will be notified via email after approval. Your business license will only be used for cross-boarder trade verification purpose.
Place an Order
After your business license is approved, you can feel free to purchase all the products listed on

1. Add products you want to procure to cart
2. Add your own product Sku ( Select products in the cart and place a PO (purchase order or procurement order) draft
3. Supplier approves the PO draft
4. Buyer finishes the payment (invoice and remittance are free to download)
5. SinoB2B warehouse staff receives cargo in bonded warehouse on behalf of the buyer
6. Goods become ready to ship

Products with no available stock in bonded warehouse will go to "Pre-order"
Make the payment?
We offer bank transfer option for the moment.

1. Click pay and you will be redirected to payment page
2. Download the remittance and finish the payment offline (Please mark your PO ID when making the payment)
3. e-Contract is free to download

Make sure to cover bank charges when making the payment.
Balance Top-up
We offer both B2B shipment and dropshipping which need to be done separately. Go to My Shipment and start shipping here.

For B2B shipment:
1. Click create shipping order
2. Select the products you have just purchased
3. Add your address information
4. Select shipping methods
5. Pay the freight (make sure you have account balance)
6. Wait for your package

For dropshipping:
1. Go to dropshipping and click batch add
2. Download the excel sample, add information and upload again
3. Go to Freight Unpaid and select all the orders you want us to ship
4. Pay the freight (make sure you have account balance)
5. SinoB2B will pick and pack all the orders and ship them directly to your consumers' doorstep
Become an Affiliate
Welcome to join our affiliate program. It's so easy to become one of our affiliates

1. Register as a buyer first
2. Go to My Affiliates and click Apply
3. Get your invitation code
4. You are free to refer buyers to to purchase and earn money